About the Artist

I haven't made my statement - perhaps I will through art.  Perhaps I can make a mark without actually issuing a statement. 
        "I really have nothing to say but I want to say it all the same"
                         Guido    from Fellini's Film  "8-1/2"

This was a long time ago - the first smear of oil on canvas "Puppy Cato"
He's a long time gone.  So what was in between?  There was this, an acryllic on board of my daughter's Halloween at age 4

Years in between of building, mainly for the theatre, mainly NYC/B'way.  Also building/construction of home additions, tiling bathroom, sheet rock, the work now contributed by many women as well as men.  Note the barn studio developed in a nineteenth century Dutch Barn upstate NY

Thus I can begin afresh.....

Born Karen Marie Mueller, St Paul MN
Early Education: MN, CO, Germany
BA University of Minnesota, Theatre Arts
Teaching: University of Illinois Theatre Department
Professional Theatre: Denver CO; Minneapolis, MN: New York City
Member: Theatrical Stage Employees Local One, New York City
                  Member: Board of Trustees
                  Metropolitan Opera House - Prop shop,Carpenter shop, stage
                  ABC, CBS, NBC, Radio City Music Hall, Broadway
                  Head Props  Plymouth Theatre, Shubert Organization          
Recent work: Minnetonka Center for the Arts, St Paul Art Crawl (2009-2010)