For 30 years I worked in the professional theatre in New York City, including 10 years building scenery and props in the Carpenter shop of the Metropolitan Opera.  As the theatre is a collaborative venue, there were no notices of my contributions to shows - although as a partner in T.C. Theatrix, Inc, I built props (3X normal size) for the original Broadway production of CATS, and for 3 more CATS road shows.  Having previously come up through the ranks of University Theatre (Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota) and Regional Theatre (Denver, Minneapolis), my background is stage carpentry in wood and metal.
Now I want to do MY work!  I am on my way to singular exploration to create work wholly dependent on my experience, vision, capabilities and capacities, using many many materials in varying combinations, in varying degrees. 

ART provokes us to divert attention FROM daily domestics life and contemporary politics-to take a break from the humdrum - and TO LOOK OUTSIDE ourselves, to look at works which stimulate an inner search for beauty, pleasure, spirit, intrigue, abstraction, and oblivion.  For these moments of respite then activate our refreshed minds, hearts and souls, and spur ACTION or at least expand our world view.
     2012    Tivoli Artists Cooperative   "EROTICA" show  Tivoli, NY
     2011    April-May Exhibit  Minnesota State College  Fergus Falls, MN
                St Paul Art Crawl    St Paul, MN   Spring 2011 and Fall 2011
     2010    Minnetonka Center for the Arts  Bronze castings   Minnetonka,MN
                St Paul Art Crawl    St Paul, MN   Spring 2010 and Fall 2010
     2009    St Paul Art Crawl    St Paul, MN   Fall 2009
     1987    Mantooth Gallery    New York City